Thursday, November 29, 2007

video - a wee slice of tinyshop

A short video of one of the arrangements in tinyshop. Video footage thankfully taken by audio artist, Macronecole. I was too pooped to pip! I'll have more pics and hopefully video up soon.

A big (and certainly not tiny) THANK YOU to all of the artists who participated in the show, came to the opening, and brought good cheer. Hugs to all!

Works shown: Amy Earles, Lisa Congdon, Catherine Campbell, Nathalie Roland, 1911, Peng Peng, Katrina Szyszkoski, Ryoko Yagi, Ruth Bleakley, Melissa Contreras, Jessica Polka, Maki Squarepatch, and Purple Petunia.


vfg said...

Really so lovely, Antoi

I look forward to seeing more.

imwithsully said...

What a great idea to film the arrangements!

Anonymous said...

those look great. I have one of Amy's paperdolls, thanks for framing idea!