Saturday, December 29, 2007

art - Naoshi postcards

Wonderful, cheeky art postcards by Naoshi.

- One-sided full color postcards on matte paper
- Size (inches) 4 x 6

random - the littlest buddha

Artist Katrina Szyszkoski sends us pics of her tiny discoveries in Japan.

Friday, December 28, 2007

artist profile - Leah Brawley

Leah Brawley is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in San Francisco, California. A native Rhode Islander, she received a BFA in sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2000. Leah's work consists mostly of tiny self-portrait drawings and paintings that serve as a visual diary of her thoughts and desires.

In 2005, Leah had a solo show of her signature post-it and postcard drawings at the Gallery Deluxe Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tinyshop is one of her first shows in San Francisco.

>>> Leah's Friends figures available online

Saturday, December 15, 2007

art - "XXS" Gocco prints by Wing Ngan

Graphic artist, Wing Ngan (aka iNK design), created these beautifully designed Gocco prints for the online gallery of tinyshop. Printed in 2 colorways of orange and pink, in limited quantities.

- 3 color handscreened Gocco prints
- Printed on French paper, construction, slate blue, 100lb cover
- Size (inches) 4.25 x 6.25

XXS pink, limited edition of 32

orange, limited edition of 27

Friday, December 14, 2007

gallery pics, part 1

Some pics of the work on the gallery side I christened the "cute wall." Many of the print cards and plush objects reside here.

tinyshop - gallery display 1
cuties --- some literal, others subversive

tinyshop - gallery display 2
print cards by various artists (details below), and kid's tees by Naoshi

tinyshop - Leah Brawley
tinyshop - Leah Brawley
tinyshop - Leah Brawley
Paintings and wooden doll Friends by Leah Brawley

tinyshop - Yuka Yamaguchi
tinyshop - Yuka Yamaguchi
Yuka Yamaguchi print cards

tinyshop - Wing Ngan
Handscreened Gocco-print cards by Wing Ngan

tinyshop - Naoshi
tinyshop - Naoshi
Sunae kits (top) & print cards (below) by Naoshi

tinyshop - Serena Kuhl
tinyshop - Serena Kuhl
Plush by Serena Kuhl

tinyshop - Timmie #117 by Marilyn Patrizio
Timmie #117 by Marilyn Patrizio

tinyshop - Maki Squarepatch
tinyshop - Maki Squarepatch
Maki Squarepatch paintings and plush

Sunday, December 9, 2007

opening night pics

This post is long overdue -- I came down with a flu a few days after the show unfortunately. I'm finally getting pics up of the opening. In my daze of preparation, chatting and wine (damn you ;P), I totally forgot I brought my camera, but thankfully pics were to be had by the ever fastidious artist Macronecole, and tinyshop patron Wadiefong. Thank you both!

tinyshop music mix for the night by my good friend, Brooklyn-based dj Brian.

Gallery pics shall be forthcoming....

Double Punch entrance, seen from bottom of landing leading to gallery. Double Punch entrance sign designed by Pete Fowler of Monsterism. Opening night guests James and David sneak downstairs for some toy ogling.

Our homage to the lovely Tiny, the boy cat tinyshop is dedicated to.

Wadiefong & Timmie 88's visit! He came to see his fellow Timmies and visit Timmie 117 by his creator Marilyn Patrizio. Pics by Wadiefong.

Timmie 88 checks out the cool Bwana Spoons mural near the stair landing.

Hmmmm.... that guy looks familiar. The coveted Timmie Tadpole in teacup by Marilyn Patrizio. Art by Michael Fleming on the right, hand-painted wood dolls by Leah Brawley.

Timmie 88 and his papa!

Denise & Omar, Double Punch masterminds.

The masterminds and Steve on guard... or just hammin'.

Artist Jess Hutchinson and I discussing the awesome, magnified stylings of Allison Sommers art.

Guests and artist Lisa Congdon's infectious good cheer to the right.

Contemplating small

Artist Mikas Mogo cuddles little wonder baby Atlas. Daddy MARS-1 in the background.

Macronecole feasts on Shawnimal mini ninjas

Denise, Omar and artist Leah Brawley share laughs without Peter (I'm kidding) ;P

Jake keeps the rock alive, Macronecole documents

Thursday, December 6, 2007

art - XXS gocco print by Wing Ngan

XXS, originally uploaded by inkdesigner.

Graphic artist, Wing Ngan (aka iNK design), created these amazing one-off prints for the online gallery of tinyshop. These prints will be sold online only, for those of you who cannot attend the show in San Francisco. We'll have these available to purchase soon. Stay tuned.....