Friday, February 29, 2008

art - Jess Hutchison plush Guides

Jess Hutchison is an illustrator, avid knitter and author working primarily in textiles. We both share the fact we were born on Guam, frolicking on the beach as tots. How random is that? But I digress...

This collection of painted plush have the comforting appeal of the favorite stuffed animal, or pillow, that would help lull you to sleep. Their serene faces calm you as you drift off to lala-land.

Guide with Spirit

Guide 2

Guide 3

Guide 4

Guide 5

All pieces acrylic on muslin cotton plush, approx 7" high.

art - Lisa Congdon shadowbox

Mixed media artist, Lisa Congdon, creates miniature worlds within her shadowbox pieces. Goofus and Gallant displays the sweet interplay of feather, fauna and love.

detail view

Goofus and Gallant
mixed media collage in shadowbox
approx 7" x 7"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

art - Catherine Campbell paintings

Gorgeous, gorgeous paintings by Australian artist Catherine Campbell. Each character is paired with a beautifully detailed familiar.

- ink, watercolor and collage on archival paper
- size: 6" x 8.25"

Dig deeper, it's getting dark

Hiding in the tallest grass

Meet me in the middle of the air

Monday, February 25, 2008

artist profile - Hernan Paganini

Hernán Paganini was born in Argentina in 1982, and studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires. As a busy creative, Hernán currently teaches at said university, works as a freelance illustrator, in addition to constantly developing his art.

His work is informed by his surroundings, and he keeps his mind open with a child-like view upon the world. An avid collector since childhood, Hernán would often use the objects found as material fodder, and inspiration, for others works. Hernán explores his environment, life moments and emotions, intersecting these discoveries into his art.

"Each material is a new world and language to discover."

// Hernán on Flickr